STEP 1 Once you looked through our website and you have finally decided on a puppy, all you have to do is make two choices: -Make the full payment of the purchasing price Or -You can put a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 (depending on price of puppy) to hold the puppy on reserve. Once a deposit is made we put up a hold sign on our website, indicating to other potential clients that your puppy is being hold by you. Full payment will be due within 1 week of the deposit.

STEP 2 We will have to discuss on how to get your wonderful puppy to you. Shipping Fee is not included in any of our puppy prices. This fee is based upon location and transit. Once a time and date is finalized, we will book a flight which will suit both us. We deliver threw major airlines or personal nanny service.

STEP 3 After all payment has been made and cleared with our bank. Each puppy will be taken to our certified vet by us to get his/her health exam. A health certificate is required for travel and a copy of the health certificate will be sent to you with transport/airlines as this is a law for interstate travel of any puppy. Usually a puppy will be delivered within 10 days from that date of money cleared in our bank and also depending on the delivery schedule. We have the right to hold a puppy for longer than estimated delivery date if we feel the puppy is not ready to go and cancellation will not be accepted. We do not have a cancellation policy, please understand that after payment has been made that payment is NON REFUNDABLE.

STEP 4 If for any reason, you have personal conflict or change of heart your payment is Nonrefundable. You will have credit with us for one year from the date of purchase minus $300 for loss of time and for payment advertising the puppy again.

STEP 5 We have the right to ship when convenient for us. We can only try to accommodate to your schedule but, it is your sole responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your puppy from the airport. Since we are dealing with a live animal, please understand that shipping can be delayed for any reason because of temperatures or airport restrictions.

STEP 6 Once the puppy is in the air, we will provide you with an airway bill number. Take the airway bill number to the airport along with a photo ID. You will then have to arrive at the airport 1 hour prior to arrival. Things you should bring to the airport: Bottle water, blanket depending on the temperature, puppy food, and a puppy potty pad to replace the one already in the travel crate. International Shipping is available depending on destination, for more information please contacts us. For long trips we suggest using nanny service. PAYMENT METHODS 1: Cash, Money order, or wire transfer.