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TeacupFairies Purchase Agreement

For every client who purchases a puppy from TeacupFairies will be applied: between TeacupFairies & Buyer as follows:
To purchase our puppies there are two forms of payment options: Make the full payment of the purchasing price or you can put a NON-REFUNDABLE DOWN DEPOSIT of $1,000 to hold the puppy on reserve. For our “Special Puppy Collection” deposit must be 50% of the retail selling price to reserve the puppy. Once full payment is made, deposit will be allocated as $1,000 or 50% for “Special Puppy Collection”. Once a deposit is made we put up a hold sign on our website, indicating to other potential clients that your puppy is being hold by you. Full payment will be due within 1 week of the deposit. All funds must be cleared in our bank account to setup delivery.Shipping Fee is included for certain area. For detail information you need contact our administration. BUT Custom Fee is not included, varies depends on the location. You need find out by yourself from your local custom.

Once after all payment has been made and cleared with our bank. Each puppy will be taken to our certified vet by us to get his/her health certificate. A health certificate is required for travel and a copy of the health certificate will be sent to you with transport/airlines as this is a law for interstate travel of any puppy. We have the right to hold a puppy for longer than estimated delivery date if we feel the puppy is not ready to go and cancellation will be made.

If for any reason, you have personal conflict or change of heart your payment is non-refundable. You will have credit with us for one year from the date of purchase minus $500 for loss of time, health certificate, vet examination, and for payment advertising to re-list the puppy. We have the right to ship when convenient for us. We can only try to accommodate to your schedule but, it is your sole responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your puppy from the airport. Since we are dealing with a live animal and flight schedules, please understand that shipping can be delayed for any reason because of temperatures or airport restrictions or etc.

Every effort will be made by (seller) to insure that the puppy is delivered in a healthy and sound condition. Once puppy is shipped or personally picked up, the buyer becomes responsible for said puppy.

We don’t offer registration paper for any puppy. There is an extra charge of $1,000 CAD, to buy the registration papers which can be transferred into your local kennel. For certain puppy we will offer breeding right.

Buyer understands and agrees that TeacupFairies offers a seven days guarantee only for Canine parvovirus and rabies. It will be necessary for the buyer to have an examination by a veterinarian, at the buyer’s expense within seven days of the puppy delivery to provide proof of such examination to seller within seven days of the date of delivery.

Once a veterinarian conducting the examination finds that your puppy has Canine Parvovirus or Rabies. We will refund all the money to your bank account.

It is expressly understood that hypoglycemia is “excluded” from this guarantee. The seller has informed the buyer of the signs of hypoglycemia and is instructed to call seller immediately for advice. Buyer understands that Hypoglycemia is not an illness, virus, or sickness and it completely preventable by scheduled feedings, providing accurate nutrition with Nutrical supplement or Diet supplement three times a day in between meals. TeacupFairies will not cover for any illness related to and from Hypoglycemia. A teacup puppy requires monitoring and around the clock at time when they are young puppies.

If there are any issues with your puppy upon arrival, you must immediately contact us to seek guidance. If buyer does not seek advice from us or instead seek other advice from their vet or due to the action of buyer it will void the guarantee.

Buyer agrees that TeacupFairies does not guarantee weight of puppy, size, or color of the puppy sold, as puppies coat color and size will/can change with maturity, such as white to cream, etc.This Guarantee is not assignable and is not valid if the puppy/dog is sold to a third party.In case of returns, Buyer will need to pay return shipping plus any other expenses applied.The seller is not responsible for any veterinarian bills the purchaser may incur regarding said puppy.Seller’s sole liability on the above guarantee shall be limited to replacement with a puppy of equal value. In no event will seller be liable for any expense incurred by the buyer. There are no refunds.Other than the guarantee set forth herein, there are no other warranties, expressed or implied. All sales are FINAL. No refunds or exchanges are allowed. In the event of a final sale transaction, Health Guarantee is voided and will be considered as “Final Sale”.

The buyer agrees to NEVER sell said puppy to a pet shop, broker, or puppy mill. Puppy must be kept indoors, proper veterinarian care given, and be kept current on vaccinations and routine checkups. If puppy is not well cared for this will result in repossession of said puppy/dog. In the event the buyer is unable to keep said puppy for any reason, the seller is to be given notice of the intent to sell or transfer the puppy and an opportunity to reacquire the puppy/dog at the option of the seller.Puppy MUST NOT be registered with any other pet registry, this will result in the repossession of said puppy by the seller and registration will be transferred back to the seller immediately!!
It is agreed and understood that the execution of this Agreement has involved transaction of business within the state of Virginia and that the law of the state of Virginia will govern the interpretation of this Agreement.Please beware that Hypoglycemia is not cover by TeacupFairies. If you have questions about this warranty you can contact us by email

Hypoglycemia Disclaimer and Information:
Hypoglycemia is not an illness and can be prevented with proper diet and nutrition. Our warranty does not cover for this syndrome and it is buyer’s responsibility to prevent their puppy from hypoglycemia.Hypoglycemia is a syndrome that occurs primarily in toy breeds between 6 and 12 weeks of age. A hypoglycemia attack is often precipitated by stress. The typical signs are listlessness, depression, staggering gait, muscular weakness, and tremors-especially of the face. Puppies with a severe drop in blood sugar develop seizures or become stuporous and go into a coma. Death can follow. This particular sequence of symptoms is not always seen through. For example, some puppies exhibit only weakness or a wobbly gait. Occasionally a puppy who seemed just fine is found in coma.Episodes of hypoglycemia often occur without warning-for example, when a puppy is stressed by shipping. Other common causes of acute hypoglycemia are missing a meal, chilling, becoming exhausted from too much play, or having an upset stomach. These events place an added strain on the energy reserves of the liver.Prolonged or repeated hypoglycemic attacks in toy breed puppies can cause brain damage. Puppies with frequent attacks should undergo veterinary testing to rule out an underlying problem.

Treatment: The treatment of an acute attack is aimed at restoring the blood sugar. Begin immediately. If the puppy is awake and able to swallow, give corn syrup or sugar water by syringe, or rub corn syrup, honey, or glucose paste on the gums. You should see improvement in 30 minutes. If not, call your veterinarian.If the pup is unconscious, do not give an oral solution because it will be inhaled. Rub corn syrup, honey, or glucose paste Nutrical or dyne supplements) on the gums and proceed at once to your veterinarian. This puppy will require an intravenous dextrose solution and may need to be treated for brain swelling.Oral glucose paste is sold at pharmacies. If you know your dog is subject to hypoglycemic attacks, keep this product on hand.

Prevention: Susceptible puppies should be fed at least four times a day. It is important to feed a high-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diet. It is essential that the diet be high quality. Your veterinarian can recommend an appropriate premium food.

Food supplements and table scraps should not exceed 5 to 10 % of the total daily ration. Owners of toy puppies should take precautions to see that they do not become excessively tired or chilled. Many (but not all) puppies outgrow this problem.

Buying puppies from Teacupfairies you must adhere and agree to all the terms and conditions of sale of puppies purchased from Teacupfairies, No other guarantees or warranties are implied other than what is stated in this contract between Buyer and Seller.